• 6GB data
• 4G LTE speed
• 2G unlimited afterwards


Choose your USA eSIM plan

6GB+ Data

for 10 days
$ 15
99   $21.32
  • 6GB of 4G LTE speed
  • 2G unlimited afterwards
  • Local number not provided
  • Local carrier : AT&T / T-mobile

How USA eSIM works

The simple process, with the easiest way!
Enjoy ZIPZAP’s best USA eSIM just in few taps.

How to buy eSIM online 1

Buy an eSIM online

Prepare a data plan
when you want to use it

How to install the eSIM plan 2

Install the eSIM plan

Scan your QR code
to start using the data

How to connect to the network 3

Connect to the network

Use the best internet
at your travel destination

About USA eSIM Features

More features, Less complexity.
See how ZIPZAP will ensure you the best way to get your data plan.

eSIM Activation

Instant Activation

No more long hold-times. Simply scan the QR code

eSIM Prepaid

Prepaid Plans Only

Only pay what you see upfront. No extra roaming charges

eSIM Selection

Best Plan Selection

Easy choosing the plan among suitable plan choices 

eSIM Help

Customer Care

Get help before purchasing or after a purchase

Reviews from customers

Shia Ives
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"Best roaming data I’ve used. Used to got annoyed for switching sim cards, but eSIM doesn’t need such a thing. It will lessen your worries about losing or carrying it around."
Brielle Levine
Read More
"I never review products but felt the absolute need to for this. eSIM would be the most convenient thing ever. Don’t even need to hesitate to use it since it is so easy for everyone."
Hudson Wiley
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"Simply the best. I was looking for affordable prepaid data plan, and this was perfect for me. Also loved the customer support’s kind and fast reply."
Reese Reynolds
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"So convenient & best service. I’ve heard eSIM before but never used it. The support team replied to my questions immediately and eSIM worked so fine."
Evie Murray
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"Favorite eSIM data plan. This is my 2nd time using it, because I liked it a lot. The most reasonable price on offer & easy to receive & use it."
Finley Wells
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"This was my first time using eSIM, and I really liked it. The internet speed was way faster than I expected. Needed it for my work and it was a nice choice."

Important notes

  • An eSIM can be used in a carrier-unlocked device that has dual SIM with eSIM features. Please make sure that you have an eSIM compatible device.
    iOS and Android devices released after 2019 that are compatible with an eSIM : Apple iPhone XR, XS or newer, Pixel 4 or newer, Samsung Fold or newer.
  • Once the QR code is installed, it can’t be reinstalled or reissued. Removing an eSIM plan will delete the eSIM data plan from your phone, so please don’t delete your eSIM plan by tapping [Remove Cellular Plan] button while in use.
  • An eSIM can be used while you turn on the [Data Roaming] for the eSIM plan you added. This will not charge you any additional fees, as long as you set up the eSIM plan successfully. Also, turn off the [Cellular Data Switching] to make sure that you only use data associated with the eSIM plan you purchased.
  • You can check the eSIM data usage through the device settings. we can’t tell you the remaining data. This feature will be added soon.
  • An eSIM is a digital product. For this reason, refunds can’t be processed due to simple buyer’s remorse. After successful activation, anything that would delete or remove the eSIM plan is the responsible for the customer. A refund will not be processed.
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